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The 'back' story . . .

Hi! Welcome to our website.
My name is Steve Grealy and I designed the™.

This story began back in 2010 when my girlfriend Cheryl (now Mrs Grealy) and I went to Bali on our first holdiday. The flight over was wonderful as we were upgraded. However the trip home was looming with 6 - 7 hours in a narrow body 747. Economy seats and no TV; and I needed some sleep.
I always get really bad hip and leg cramps when I try to sleep in a seated position. So, I tried to stretch out as flat and long as possible in my hard and narrow Economy seat, but as soon as I doze off, I relax my core muscles and this always leaves my lumbar area unsupported. Hips feel fine, however. . . .
Hello massive Back Ache!!

The Solution !

I happened to have good quality bed pillow in my backpack which I proceeded to fold, squash and stuff deep into its pillow-case until I had achieved a kind of wedge shaped pillow for my lower back.
It was this shape that appealed to me as a great idea for a travel pillow. Except of course not everyone is my size nor in a 747 seat.
So my two year journey began perfecting the design for a 'back saving travel pillow' that everyone, of any size, in any seat, could use anytime!

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