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The Tri-Pil-Lo™

1. Demonstrable

• The Tri-Pil-Lo is incredibly simple.
• Inflate it. Adjust it. Use it.
• Deflate it. Pack it away for next time. Small enough for Airline carry-on.

2. Unique and Practical

• The Tri-Pil-Lo has a WIPO PCT Patented design, IPAU Innovation Patent and USPTO Patent Pending.
• Maintains desired structure without collapsing under weight.
• It is immediately recognisably different from anything else available.
• 7 different configurations within the 1 product.
• At least 5 different areas of pillow/support use: back, feet, hamstrings, sit bones and head.
• Ideal for seated exercise by treadle style foot movement;simply partially inflate large cell only for flat foot pillow or partially inflate all three cells for inclined foot pillow. Treadle away!

3. Problem/Solution/Benefit

• Problem: Do you get a “sore back” from sitting for long times?
• Solution: Correct lumbar support customised to you and your chair.
• Features: Three individual, joined air cells of stepped size configuration.
• Benefits: Infinitely adjustable, adaptable and versatile.
• Most support pillows are “just not right” for your situation?
• Airline supplied pillow too soft? Bed pillow/cushion/inflatable pillow too big?
• Office/Lounge/Favourite chair not quite right?
• Medium to Long Haul Travelling; Planes, Trains, Bus, Car or Truck?
• Aged/Infirmed/Hospitalised - seated for long periods?
• Perhaps needing a lumbar support pillow for reduced discomfort?
• Or perhaps a seat base (sit bones/butt) pillow for a ‘softer’ (air filled) seat?
• Or perhaps a flat foot support pillow to lift your legs up?
• Or perhaps a wedge shaped foot support pillow that sets your feet at a kinder angle.
• Or a wedge shaped pillow on the seat base to incline the seat base angle?
• Or a wedge shaped pillow on the seat base to decline the seat base angle and lift your knees higher; perhaps in conjunction with a foot support pillow? • What about Deep Vein Thrombosis from long time seated situations?
• Do you need convenient seated exercise to increase leg blood flow and reduce symptoms of DVT?

4. Mass Appeal

• Primary user is the Airline Traveller who needs to ‘deflate’ their support pillow for packing into their ‘carry-on’ luggage.
• Secondary users are Train, Bus and Vehicle Travellers.
• Home users. Office users.
• Anyone who needs a specific sized/shaped back support when sitting.
• Anyone who needs different sized/shaped support pillows at different times.
• Anyone in a long term seated situation.

5. Product Pricing

• $19.95 Recommended Retail Price

6. Practical

• Compact
• Reusable
• Fully flocked for personal comfort
• Easy to inflate/deflate
• Easy to adjust to your desired shape and size
• Easy to adjust to an entirely new shape and size
• Will not lose your customised structure during use
• 7 different pillows; 4 different areas of use - in 1 product

7. Easily Explained

Ideally this is the demonstration:
• Inflate to full (pinch the valve when inflating to open the internal sealer flap)
• Leave the caps ‘unlocked’ (the internal sealer flap stops most immediate deflation)
• Place in situ
• Lean back into the pillow pinching the inflate/deflate valves releasing air until desired shape and size are achieved
• In most cases this will be half to two thirds of the air in some or all of the air cells
• Retrieve, lock down caps, replace and relax!!
• Infinitely versatile in shape, size and structure.
• Customise to your perfect personal situation.


USPTO Patent Pending US 20140041125 A1