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How it Works


Three separate air cells welded together.

Inflate one or all cells. Fully or partially.

7 different Shaped/Sized pillows in 1.

How to use.

  • Click here to to go to
    Tri-Pil-Lo Travel Pillow "How to Use" on youtube.

  • Open pillow out flat.
    Pinch the valve and blow in air to inflate.
    There may be slight initial resistance.
    Inflate all cells to full capacity but don't lock down valve tops yet.
    Place behind your lumbar region.
    Lean back, stretch out and feel where there's too much pillow.
    Now, reach behind and begin releasing air from each cell by pinching the valves until you reach your desired shape and size.
    Retrieve the pillow and lock down the valve tops.
    Re place in behind, lean back, stretch out and settle in!